WHY are we, not just who.

When purpose becomes the driving force 

Ulu means "boat" in Guna Yala, the place where this project started (you can read about it here). Conscious sailing means being fully aware of what it means to have a sailing experience, especially in remote, virgin islands, where the local people still largely live from subsistence fishing and farming. It means understanding that your travel experience has an environmental and social impact, an impact that if carefully thought out can be positive for both the people and the ecosystem; but if left unchecked, it could do more harm than good. Hi, my name is Estefanía, the founder of Ulu - conscious sailing, and I'm happy you're here.  

I started this business in 2012 (it was called I Travel by Boat), and over the years it became painstakingly clear that though we were providing beautiful sailing experiences, we weren't doing enough to enhance the lives of the local hosts and landscapes. But why? Because I had no clear life purpose, and that spilled over to my business.  I moved to Mexico to do some internal work (albeit unbeknownst to me) when I enrolled at the University for the Environment to pursue a Master's in Sustainable Tourism.  Ulu - conscious sailing is the work-in-progress from this experience. So here I am, learning day by day, how to lead a more conscious life and business. They are tied together because my business is my actioning in this world.  What  I dedicate my life to is ultimately what my life will become. As Gandhi best summarized it: 

"The means are the ends"

So, first things first - what's my, and therefore, Ulu's, purpose? In other words, why are we?Today, it feels like this:

To live in a just world, where all life - humans, plants, animals - have the chance to thrive, be considered and loved.

How does one person (or a sailing company, for that matter), pursue such a lofty goal? By walking the walk, every day. We will make mistakes, but at least we now know why we're going.