French Polynesia

Tahiti, Bora Bora, these are names we are familiar with as the most remote islands in the world. In fact they are located in French Polynesia and these islands are what people think when thinking about the South Pacific.  Beautiful white sand beaches, coral reefs beaming with life, and the Polynesian culture and people that make of it one of the most beautiful places in the world.  It is also conceived that trips here are only for those with deep pockets and we want to change that perspective offering trips accessible to those wanting to explore remote areas without breaking the bank.



The Tuamotus have quickly risen in popularity as the must-see slands in the South Pacific.  The close to 80 islands and atolls make the largest chain of atolls in the world in an area the size of now Western Europe. Somo of these ring-shaped coral reef atolls have a fully enclosed lagoon, such as Taiaro, designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Rangoroa and Fakarawa are also spots gaining popularity among travelers wanting to see the most remote and gorgeous islands still yet to be discovered by regular tourism. 



The Kingdom of Tonga, known as the friendly islands, has over 143 islands to discover.  Perfect for whale-watching during June-Nov, this is a destination that cannot be missed. 


You will sail around the Vava’u archipelago in the northern part of this Polinesian Kingdom, and will get to see abundant sea life snorkeling, hang out in deserted beaches and swim in azure blue lagoons.  If you like to hike you can go up Mt. Talau to see the Kingdom below.  




Lour, Jaad & Dunia

Spain, France

Lourdes and Jaad met in Cape Verde while each was on their own journey sailing around the world. They fell in love with each other almost immediately. Lourdes is Spanish and... read more




A group of 333 islands waiting to get discovered by you. Fiji has lush jungles, secluded waterfalls, white sand beaches, magical places see in the Viti Levu and Yasawa islands. 


Fiji has one of the biggest economies of the Pacific as it has abundance of mineral, forest and fish resources. When visiting these islands, you’ll get to know a very old and rich culture of people known for their craftmanship.  Depending on how much time you have, you can sail around Viti Levu and Yasawa islands. 




Vanuatu is a Y shaped archipelago composed of 82 volcanic islands.  You’ll be able to hike up active volcanoes, swim in beautiful natural cascading swimming pools, see all the sea life you desire between the islands of Efaté, Espiritu Santo and Tonna. Starting at $1560 for 11 days. 

Vanuatu was ranked one of the happiest places on earth. People are relaxed and friendly, so you should expect to feel at ease here from the get-go.  With tons of places to visit between islands you won’t get bored. Lush jungle hikes to waterfalls, active lava filled volcanoes, huge caves and that just scratches the surface. Sailing from island to island you’ll see the beauty and charm of the people who not only speak their local Bislama but also speak French, as they used to be a French Colony.